Tuesday, September 14, 2010


One cool thing we did during our first
weekend, was walk through town to the huge old castle, or castello, which has been converted to a museum. It was vast, it just seemed to go on and on, and it even had what seemed to have been a moat at some point (see the last picture). It was closed when we went, but it has some small amount of parkland around it. There was a little playground and some fairground type things, like a merry-go-round, mini train, bouncy trampoline thing etc. as well as a few areas with grass and shrubs and roses and benches. Some of the shrubs are pomegranate trees, I think. We will check out the museum(s) another day and let you know how it goes. Apparently there is a Matisse exhibit coming there soon.

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  1. yay devi! What fun, thanks for the blogs. Thinking of you guys lots and hope to connect in NZ. xox Rachel