Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Pavia seems to have a couple main drags here with shops ranging from pizzerias to high end fashion, boasting of fur coats priced in the thousands of Euros. A block or so away from us is an amazing gelateria that has all these fantastic flavors and a very Italian woman behind the counter. She chooses flavors for us because we fumble so badly with our poor Italian. Can't complain about any of her choices yet, and I hear it is the best place in town. So far I have eaten pasta and pizza for basically every meal, including home-cooked ones (here is my Man enjoying our first). Haven't gotten tired of it yet, but maybe I will. We scoped out a sushi place the other day to run off to if we do. There is a large supermarket a short bus ride away, but I have been mostly buying from all the little shops around the corner from me here in the old town. Bread shops, produce shops, fresh pasta shops, tiny markets, etc line the street just a short block away, in a very traditionally European way.


  1. Hi Devi,
    What an adventure! Good to hear that everything is going well. Emma would like more detail about the food! (Her perfect meal is pizza and gelato). Is the pizza a lot different to the stuff we get here? What flavours of gelato have you tried? Favourites? How are the girls coping with not having all the 'usual' things around - food, their space? How are you finding communicating? We are loving reading your posts - you write in a very authentic voice. We can picture the places you describe quite easily. Thank you for sharing your experiences for us.

  2. Hi Devi Girl

    mmmm that food Josh is eating looks really good

    Find out if Pavia has a weekly market most European towns do that is where you will get wonderful veg also really fun to go to.

    love Nicola hugs to all of you

  3. I will post more detail about the food, Jane, as soon as I can. I am glad Emma is liking the blog! I will do a post just for her on pizza and gelato, how is that? I will try to address communication and our new set-up as well. Thanks for reading!